Jordan-Wilcomb Construction, Inc. has been located at 406 South Sixth Street in Boise for over 60 years.

Jordan-Wilcomb Construction, Inc. is believed to be Idahos oldest construction firm still in operation today. Records show that when Boise began issuing building permits in 1910, Jordan-Wilcomb was actively building single family residences. Housing continued as its main endeavor until 1927 when the Egyptian Theater, on Main Street in Boise, became its first commercial project. The original partners of the firm were J.0. Jordan and his son J. Cecil Jordan, operating under the name of J.0. Jordan Construction and later becoming Jordan & Son Construction.

In 1948, J. Richard Jordan, son of Cecil Jordan, and Richard P. Wilcomb, son-in-law of Cecil Jordan, joined the firm and it became Jordan-Wilcomb Company, a partnership.

In 1979, Tim R. Wilcomb, son of Richard Wilcomb, became a partner in the firm. In 1982, the company structure was modified, resulting in Jordan-Wilcomb Construction, Inc. as the construction division and Jordan-Wilcomb Company, a partnership, as the real estate holding and development branch. In 1986, Bill T. Mooney, Jr., son-in-law of Richard Jordan, became a principal in Jordan-Wilcomb Construction, Inc. Tim Wilcomb and Bill Mooney became the majority owners of Jordan-Wilcomb Construction, Inc. in 1995. T.J. Wilcomb, son of Tim Wilcomb, joined the corporation as a partner in 2012, becoming the 5th generation in one of Idahos most accomplished construction firms.